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World Expos are unprecedented in their ability to attract large masses of people to promote innovation and to improve the human condition.  Hosting an Expo could have great benefits for the United States, including:

  • The biggest benefit in the current economy is jobs – tens of thousands of jobs – but an Expo also brings millions of new visitors, generates billions in economic benefit, and likely would leave Silicon Valley with an iconic landmark, like the Eiffel Tower, plus a new University of California campus in Silicon Valley.
  • An opportunity to showcase our country’s leadership and innovation in entertainment, agriculture, the environment, high-tech, green-tech and bio-tech.
  • Expos generate billions in new revenue to build new subways, rail lines, ferries and other infrastructure projects.
  • Expos are a one-of-a-kind diplomatic opportunity, especially when international engagement has become a essential for leading countries.  With the world coming to the United States, visitors can witness our founders’ vision for a nation and our American values. 
  • In a globalized economy, showcasing American business know-how and the strength of free enterprise, especially in our innovation capital of Silicon Valley can help boost exports.
The organizers believe this event could be transformative for the region, the state and our country, bringing people together like few other opportunities can.
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