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Proposed Expo 2020 Site

The proposed Expo 2020 site at Moffett Field.
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The proposed site for the 2020 Silicon Valley, USA World Expo is the NASA Ames airfield at Moffett Field. It is possible that an Expo 2025 bid could also be at this location.

An Expo at the more than 1000 acre site would keep many buildings intact, rehabilitate others, build some new memorable permanent structures, and temporarily transform the runways into the main Expo grounds. 

The site is served by three international airports, abundant public transit and other means of transportation including three freeways.  Numerous already-planned public transit improvements – ferries, light rail, passenger rail, buses and experimental modes like Personal Rapid Transit pods – could accommodate global visitors to Moffett Field.

The legacy improvements to area necessary for the Expo correspond very well with the existing plans of the cities, companies and, indeed the region. 

World Expos are about creating visions of the future and many of the companies, universities and research facilities that are fueling our connected globalized civilization are on the site, abut the site or can be seen with the naked eye from the proposed Expo site.

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