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By 2025, it will have been 41 years since the United States last hosted a World Expo.  As the world’s largest economy, largest media market, third largest country by population, and one of the most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations on the planet, we humbly believe it is time for the United States to bid for this transformative event.

Shanghai, China and the other recent hosts of the World Expo have significantly boosted the prestige and prominence of the Expo brand.  We believe hosting the 2025 World's Fair in the San Francisco Bay Area can best continue the upward trajectory of this global forum. 

The Expo 2020 proposed bid looked at Silicon Valley. A 2025 bid could do the same.

  • Silicon Valley is the global cradle of innovation, a hub of the new connected world and a model of humanity’s relentless march to new frontiers.
  • The proposed Moffett Field site for 2020 is owned by the U.S. space agency NASA and nestled in between Google, Yahoo, Facebook and the rest of the innovation world in Silicon Valley.
  • The site is served by three international airports, abundant public transit and other means of transportation.
  • A World Expo and its legacy facilities fit perfectly with the surrounding communities planned future.
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